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Why We Taste So Darn Good!


Chef Ken Davis has spent years perfecting this smoky flavor profile using locally sourced Arizona chilies and spice blends, along with some traditional Texas BBQ techniques, and a whole lot of love! The end result is a central Texas style BBQ, with an Arizona twist. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!!



Savor the ultimate BBQ experience with our slow-cooked Arizona Live Oak smoked cuts. From our tender 17-hour smoked brisket and succulent pork belly burnt ends, to our mouthwatering reversed seared tri-tip and fall-off-the-bone ribs. Every bite of our juicy smoked pulled pork & chicken, plus our hand-crafted beef sausages are sure to add a burst of savory goodness to the table. All meats are hand trimmed and seasoned to perfection in our scratch made Flyin' K seasonings and sauces.


No BBQ feast is complete without our #1 most wanted side, our "Mac Daddy" mac and cheese! It's generously crowned with scratch made cheese sauce and tender smoked meats. Savor the heartiness of our Cowboy BBQ baked beans, slow-cooked to perfection, with a medley of smoky flavors. Our fresh smoked salsas burst with vibrant flavors, infusing your palate with a zesty kick. And the refreshing crunch of our coleslaw, dressed in tangy goodness, perfectly complements the smoky essence of our Flyin' K BBQ dishes.



Flyin' K OG Sauce: Our OG AZ Style inspired traditional BBQ sauce. Sweet and tangy, with a hint of smokiness and spice.

Flyin' K Spicy: A vinegar based sauce, with a truck made hot sauce, combined for a slight kick!

White Bite: (Named after Chef Ken's time as a Wildland Firefighter) A horseradish based, creamy white sauce, with smoked paprika & garlic. Used as dipping sauce and amazing with any white meats. 

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